Sunset Boardwalk Just Got a Little Sweeter

Sunset Boardwalk has a sweet new addition for 2018.

A brand new BeaverTails Pastry is under construction at the Sunset Boardwalk.

For the uninitiated, BeaverTails pastries are made with whole wheat and hand-stretched just for you, then cooked fresh and served piping hot with the decadent toppings of your choice!

With toppings ranging from the Classic Cinnamon & Sugar to the Triple Trip, which includes chocolate hazelnut spread topped with Reese’s Pieces and peanut butter, there’s something for all levels of indulgence!

Guests can eat inside, or choose to take a bite of the Canadian tradition on the large outdoor deck.

Three New BeaverTails Pastry in Cavendish

Two other BeaverTails Pastry locations are planned for Cavendish in addition to the Sunset Boardwalk. One location will be added to Shining Waters Family Fun Park, and the other at Mariner’s Cove Boardwalk, both located on Route 6 in Cavendish.

The Sunset Boardwalk location will be the largest, with the widest selection on the menu. The menu will include the BeaverTails Pastry, Beaver Dogs, Poutine, Beaver Bites, and MooZoo ice cream, including smoothies, gelato, signature ice creams, and soft ice cream.

The Sunset Boardwalk location will be open June 2018. Stay tuned for an opening date!